Project Description

Welcome to Goodboi Park! A dog haven so good that it’ll make the best friend of man bark for the park! In fact, it’s so good that it even attracts the wrong audience. I swear, those body-builders really are a pain in the tail.

But the park is not without its defenders. Hoop, Lupe and Carl are up to the challenge! And since Goodboi Park so happens to be next to an office chair disposal, they’re not without mighty chariots!

So pick a pal, get on the chair, and spin faster than a dog can chase its tail! Throw your very buff enemies for a loop!

Woofice Chair! was created for Ludum Dare 47

I’ve worked as the music composer and sound designer of the project, helping as well with the FMOD Implementation into the game, as well as some bug fixes here and there.

I’ve gone over a lot of the concepts and Juice what made the music and sounds in the game be even better! With features such as:

  • Dynamic Music
  • Easy sound variation, with pitch randomization and more
  • Easy implementation into Unity, freeing resources from the programmers
  • More focus on polishing the sound than creating systems for it

You can read it all here:

You can listen to the soundtrack here: