Project Description

Come and relax with a hot and steamy coffee! In a town where adult entertainment is the new best thing, the Whipped and Steamy Café is the best fun for all cosplayers with a wild and adventurous side! No shirts, no shoes, no shame and only the best service!

Whipped & Steamy Cosplay Café is a a segmented visual novel with business and management simulation elements.

Content Warning:
Whipped and Steamy • Cosplay Café contains content that is not appropriate for all ages and is not suggested for viewing at work. While the game contains no explicit imagery (explicit sex or genitalia), it still contains writing that could be considered explicit and suggestive imagery.

If you wish to record a video or make a stream on the game, but are worried about this content, you can turn-off the most suggestive content by disabling “Show Artwork” on the Journal’s Settings.


Whipped & Steamy Cosplay Café was developed through the month of february, while participating in the monthly-long Strawberry Jam 3 Game Jam.

The results of the game jam where astonishing, receiving 1st place in various categories as can be seen below in the image.

I’ve mostly worked on the audio parts, ranging from SFX to the music, including helping out with the implementation through code and the setup of FMOD Studio, which we used for this project. Beside that I’ve worked as bug fixer in the code whenever I could.

In an upcoming update, I have worked on importing and exporting save data across the various platforms we are on, including web.

At the moment of writing (27/04/2019) Whipped And Steamy has been viewed by over 26.000 people including 1.500 downloads. (Discrepancy of downloads is due to the game being a web game playable through the browser without the need of downloads.)

The game soundtrack is available on a myriad of platforms:

The game can be played on: