Project Description

League of Legends Portugal is the biggest Fan Community of a video that exists in Portugal. It counts with over 100.000 followers across the various social media.

I volunteer as the Project Coordinator since september 2018 at League of Legends Portugal, this role includes:

  • Staff Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Some projects coordinator
  • And more!

League of Legends Portugal consists of around 20 staff members doing various jobs in their free time. We exist on the following platforms:

Some of the activities/feats I have done:

  • Discord activities and engagement
  • Organisation of a couple of custom game activities to get the community together to play for fun.
  • Social Media maintained and improved interactivity.
  • Partnerships and activities organised with streamers.

League of Legends Portugal was created in 2011 to aggregate all the players together to organise various activities and spread the news about the game. It rapidly increased in activity with its peak in 2016. Since then, various issues arrived in the whole scene and the activity dropped down below. I joined begin 2016, as a video editor, and later as a stream producer. At the end of 2016, I did not jump the boat that the game was dying and tried to maintain as the sole volunteer on the project the social media pages. Since then up until Dezember 2020, I’ve worked as the community Manager of League of Legends Portugal, managing the various discords being created and maintaining the rules.